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MUDJACKING Concrete Raising   Mudjacking is the most economical means of raising and repairing sunken concrete. The process requires hydraulically pumping a slurry, which is comprised of a sand based material and Portland cement. Mud jacking is commonly referred to as slabjacking, concrete raising, or pressure grouting. 

Common problems concrete raising will repair:

Concrete raising is an easy alternative to replacing your sunken concrete, often times saving you well over 50% of the cost of replacement! Some common areas Concrete Lift & Stabilization will raise, level and repair are: garage floors, driveways, patios, front porches, sidewalks, parking stall slabs, steps, and pool decks.

Benefits of mudjacking concrete raising:

  1. Mud jacking is the most economical means of raising and repairing your concrete
  2. More cost effective than polyurehthane concrete raising and exponentially more cost effective than concrete replacement
  3. Quick and clean, most jobs can be done and have concrete ready to use the day of completion

Why Concrete Lift & Stabilization?

  1. We are the only Denver, Colorado concrete raising company that provides professional mudjacking concrete raising and polyurethane concrete raising (polyjacking) services, which makes us the experts in raising concrete. We take pride in our services, our expertise, and want our clients to know they will be properly educated and well informed of our processes.  When determining who you should rely on to raise and level your sunken concrete, the choice is easy.  We are your go to mudjakcers in Denver, Littleton and surrounding areas.

The mud jacking / slab jacking concrete raising process:

Step1: Drill Holes

The first step we take when starting your concrete raising project is to strategically drill one inch holes into the section that requires lifting. These allow us to hydraulically fill the spaces underneath your concrete, and raise the concrete to its proper height.

Step 2: Equipment Setup:

After the holes have been drilled we setup our equipment. Trucks remain parked while the mudjacking crew maneuvers the pump to the repair site. Armed with the mobile pump, and many lengths of hose, the mudjacking crew can reach just about anywhere.

Step 3: Lift Concrete

A slurry, infused with Portland cement, is hydraulically pumped through the 1″ holes to fill voids and raise the settled concrete. As the slurry fills the voids under the concrete slab, the pressure of the filling begins to raise the concrete. We measure the level at which the concrete slab is raised, ensuring it’s raised enough to make it level with the adjacent slabs.

Step 4: Fill Holes

After our mudjacking crew has completed raising the concrete, we insert a plug into each hole, and patch it with new cement. The concrete slab is ready for use immediately. It is recommended, however, to allow the patch material to set-up before use, which typically takes a couple of hours.