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Have an entrance way that needs leveling in Englewood? A floor requiring stabilization in Aurora? We’ve got you covered! If you are in need of residential concrete repair services in the Denver Metro area, give us a call today! (720) 890-2740

Our foam injection process accommodates a broad range of applications within the commercial concrete services. Many of those applications are seen in the commercial industry, including warehouse floor repair. Our advanced equipment is capable of injecting many different types of specialty polyurethane foam, which accommodates the type of repair needed. We provide foams that are very aggressive in the expanding process, which are great for lifting and leveling concrete, or we have foams that are a slow reacting urethane, which are great for void filling and undersealing. Our expertise serve all commercial concrete contractors in the Denver, Littleton, Aurora, and all of the greater Denver Metro area.

The commercial industry uses our polyurethane foam for the following repairs:
Void Filling and Undersealing: When soils become unstable (many soils have a lot of movement, and many areas are poorly compacted), voids appear underneath the slab of concrete. Our method of void filling will prevent the slab from failing, and will provide a superior sub-base to the concrete. The foam will repell any water, will notchange its shape or form, and will solidify any loose soils, allowing the concrete to be stabilized from potential failure.

Slabjacking: Slabjacking requires a small 5/8″ hole to be drilled through the concrete. A polyurethane foam is then injected through the hole, underneath the concrete slab. The foam will solidify any loose soils, fill in the voided areas, then lift and level the concrete slab. Slabjacking is commonly used on warehouse floors, sidewalks and walkways, front entrances to buildings, indoor concrete. Our method is fast, efficient, and the foam is very lightweight, yet strong and durable.

Heavy Equipment Stabilization: Heavy machinery, such as forklifts, may cause the concrete to either change its shape (curl), or cause the soils to become loose or unstable, from the vibration of the equipment. This will result in unwanted movement of the slab (usually a rocking), causing annoying and disruptive noises. Our polyurethane foam injection will stabilize the slabs, deterring the movement of the concrete.