Concrete Lift – Highway Repairs Done Right!

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Concrete Lift – Before

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Concrete Lift – After

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Residential Concrete Repair

Have a patio that needs leveling in Littleton? Driveway requiring stabilization in Denver? We’ve got you covered! If you are in...

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Municipal Services

Does your City or County require highway slab leveling? Damaged roadways require repair? We’ve got you covered! If you are...

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Commercial Concrete Repair

Have an entrance way that needs leveling in Englewood? A floor requiring stabilization in Aurora? We’ve got you covered! If you...

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mudjacking material


MUDJACKING Concrete Raising   Mudjacking is the most economical means of raising and repairing sunken concrete. The process requires hydraulically pumping a...

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Concrete Lift Denver Colorado

Colorado Concrete Raising and Leveling

Concrete Lift and Stabilization, Inc. is your solution to lift, level, and stabilize failed or sunken concrete.
Concrete often fails due to poor soils, voids, tree roots, moisture, etc. With our polyurethane foam injection process, we can inject the foam into the soil, which will result in filling and expanding into all the voids, lifting and aligning the concrete, stabilizing the soil and concrete from moving again. The polyurethane foam, once injected into the soil, quickly integrates with the soil, and expands into a lightweight, stable, durable material, which will increase the soil load bearing capacities.