Trip Hazard

Trip Hazzard: Sidewalk Repair, Walkway Repair, Concrete Raising

Settled concrete generally create a vertical displacement, which is a huge liability, not only for municipalities, but for residential, commercial, and property managers alike. Slabjacking concrete sidewalks with a polyurethane foam injection will lift and level the concrete, while also preventing the sidewalk from further settlement. The foam will prevent from further settlement, making a more permanent repair, which is a much better option than the traditional mudjacking or grinding. Cost to complete this service is very comparable to grinding, but with better results. Benefits of Using Foam Injection:
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • Yields 100 psi in 15 minutes
  • Requires small 5/8" holes
  • Foam will travel, filling in all voided area, which requires less holes to be drilled
  • Interacts with the soil, stabilizing it
  • Very lightweight
  • Will not break, crack or deteriorate
  • Will not be effected by moisture
  • 10 year warranty
  • Creates a water tight seal to solid surfaces
  • Will lift heavy slabs of concrete
  • Used in a broad range for repair