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Roads and Highways, Infrastructure Repair, Bridge Approaches

Polyurethane foam injection is widely used with municipalities and DOT’s to lift and level concrete roadways, highways, and bridge approaches, as well as repair transverse cracking in asphalt streets, and stabilize poorly compacted soils. The foam used for such applications, is very dense foam, which may have lifting capacities of approximately 6000 lbs per sq. ft, and capable of leveling loads as high as 120 tons in a surface area of less than 900 sq ft. The slabjacking performed on such projects not only may lift and level the structures, but will also underseal and stabilize the soil. Once the foam is injected, and the repairing process is completed, vehicles can immediately drive over the area where the work has been completed. Benefits of Using Foam Injection:
  • Cures in 15 minutes – which highly reduces traffic controlHighway Lift_2
  • Yields 100 psi in 15 minutes
  • Requires small 5/8" holes
  • Foam underseals and stabilizes soil
  • Very lightweight
  • Will not break, crack or deteriorate
  • Will not be effected by moisture
  • Creates a water tight seal to solid surfaces
  • Will lift heavy slabs of concrete