Asphalt Crack Repair


Asphalt Repair

Cracks in asphalt can be caused by a number of factors - insufficient or improperly compacted base below the asphalt, shrinkage of the asphalt layer, daily temperature cycling. When cracking appears, water may play a major factor in causing severe problems, such as: erosion, deterioration at the base of the crack, sink holes, the crack curling or failing. These problems become costly, and are in need of maintaining on a yearly basis. Proper maintenance is key when it comes to prolonging the cycle of asphalt. With our polyurethane foam, we can provide a more permanent repair, rather than sealing the crack on a yearly basis. The process we use to accomplish this repair is done by injecting the foam into the base of the roadway, where the crack exists. Our foam will fill in the voided or deteriorated area within the sub grade, as well as filling in the crack and depressed surface. Once the foam is cured, a seal coat is applied over the repaired area. This repair will prevent further failure, erosion, potholes, settlement, entrance for water, and deterioration. Once the foam injection is complete, it allows the slurry for crack sealing to be a more permanent repair. (To view the images below full size, click on any image. When the photo album opens, use the << and >> arrows below the enlarged pictures to navigate through the photos. When finished, click anywhere on the picture to return to this page.)